Before any of us become the next Doris Burke, we all have to start from somewhere and The Post Up wants to help you get there! I have broken down the fundamental aspects of basketball that every girl should know in order to have the full appreciation of this sport. So without further ado, let's get learning!

Basketball Positions 

Basketball is made up of 5 players on the court for each team. Each one of the five players has a specific role, do you know what they are?

Ball Talk - Volume 1 

If you really want to get into deep ball talk, you're going to need to add some basketball-specific terms to your vocabulary. Here are 10 terms you will need in order to keep up with ball talk around you. 

Common Fouls

There are many reasons why you hear the whistle blown during a game. We've come up with 10 of the common fouls you will see through out the duration of the game. You ready?