The Carter Effect

All I can say is – I hope this film is released in theaters for the rest of the world, or at least for the rest of Toronto to see.

For those of you who don’t know, “The Carter Effect” is a documentary about the infamous Vince Carter and it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this year. It’s directed by Sean Menard and he helps fans appreciate how VC shaped the world of basketball in Canada - at least I’d like to think that it does. In all honesty, this movie did not reveal anything that Vince Carter fans didn’t already know. Rather, it gave you a better understanding of what happened and how much one man changed the world of basketball for an entire country.

For me personally, I think I was too young to understand what he was doing for this sport and I was so fixated on what the media portrayed as his story and was feeding the fans. Here’s a young man in the early stages of his prime, who wanted out of a franchise, because he can’t seem to figure it out. For years I held on to that idea that he asked to be traded – he gave up on the Raptors and wanted a fresh start somewhere else. Growing up, he was the reason why I even started to watch basketball. I remember having a poster of him up in my room and buying his shoes which I would show off to all the boys in school. I would change my MSN display pictures to photos of him and change my desktop wall-paper to all sorts of dunks that he had done. Doing all those things at the time, was my way of showing that I’m all for Vinsanity and I was a true fan. I remember the day I found out he was going to, at that time, the New Jersey Nets. I was absolutely devastated. I remember running up to my room and ripping down his poster and swearing to myself I will never watch another basketball game in life (clearly that was a lie).  Even when Vince received his tribute video in 2014 and he cried as he thanked the crowd, I didn’t buy it. All I saw was the first boy that broke my heart putting on a show.

However, after seeing this documentary, my heart finally received closure. I am now able to forgive him.

To see and hear Vince actually say “I didn’t want to leave”, was enough for me to let go of a grudge against a man who gave his all to this city during his time here. Not only did he put Toronto on the map but he helped pave the way for what we now know as Canadian basketball. The documentary called on some Canadian players who were influenced by Vince Carter. From Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, Kelly Olynyk and even Nik Stauskaus – they all weighed in on how their journey to the NBA was affected by VC in one way or another.

So, should you see it if this does get picked up to be released in theaters?


Even if you didn’t grow up adoring Vince Carter, this will help you appreciate just how far the Toronto Raptors have come since their birth in 1995. Like Sean Menard described it, this documentary is like a love letter for the city of Toronto and Vince Carter is the one writing it.